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Tony Dunbar
(Aka Anthony P. Dunbar)

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Profile created February 28, 2008
Tubby Dubonnet Series
  1. Crooked Man (1995)
    New Orleans lawyer Tubby Dubonnet is a simple man with a complex problem--a client hid a million dollars of drug money in Tubby's closet, and then was murdered. Tubby can't just give up the cash. But if he gets caught, he'll be in jail. And if the wrong people catch him, he'll wish he was. (Description from murderexpress.net)

  2. City of Beads (1996)
    Tubby Dubonnet is growing less excited about life as a lawyer. Sure, it keeps him eating and drinking well. And it helps him pay his alimony on time. But he's thinking about doing something different.

    Until he starts working for his newest client -- a very lucrative casino run by some very shady characters. With friends like these, Tubby needs no enemies, but he's got them, too -- powerful businessmen who aren't happy about his environmental lawsuit, druglords who aren't happy that Tubby's girlfriend shot and killed a dealer, and someone who recently murdered one of Tubby's good friends.

    Suddenly Tubby is doing something different and exciting -- he's running for his life...  (Description from murderexpress.net)

  3. Trick Question (1996)
    On trial for murder, Cletus Busters needs a miracle. He has a record. He was found in a restricted area holding the victim's frozen severed head in his hands. And with the trial less than a week away, his lawyer has made exactly two motions -- heading to the bar to knock back a few, and begging Tubby Dubonnet to take over the case.

    Tubby has a lot on his plate -- a ex-wife who wants him to befriend her new boyfriend, a daughter who wants support for his surprise grandchild, and a female boxer who wants his protection. But defending a man found with a frozen severed head will be good for Tubby's business. The question is, if Cletus is being set up, and the real killer's still out there, will it be good for Tubby's health?  (Description from murderexpress.net)

  4. The Crime Czar (1998)
    It's a city as friendly as a glad-handing attorney, where the bending Mississippi carves a channel six hundred feet deep, the air smells of chicory, and shell casings litter sidewalks beneath the live oak trees. And somewhere between the levee and Lake Pontchartrain are the secrets that litter Tubby Dubonnet's life--secrets of corruption and murder.

    A lawyer who'd rather eat, drink, and swap stories than get caught in court, Tubby can't forget the last words that escaped an old friend's lips, and he can't get out of the way of a political campaign that's turning rough. Obsessed with the idea that one man--a shadowy crime boss--may be pulling the strings that have cost good people their lives, Tubby is entering into a test of courage with the most violent men in New Orleans. And if that weren't dangerous enough, Tubby has just picked up the worst ally he could ever find: a beautiful prostitute who is gunning for revenge.

  5. Shelter from the Storm (1998)
    Dunbar once again brings us to the crazy and colorful city of New Orleans. This time it's Mardi Gras--and a violent storm drenches the city in chaos. As the water level rises, a dangerous gang of marooned bank robbers become desperate to escape--and it's up to Tubby to thwart their murderous plans...

  6. Lucky Man (2000)
    It's a city of sin. And murder is only one of them.

    New Orleans Attorney Tubby Dubonnet is getting tired of his slow-moving, indolent city--with all its dirt and dancing, its colorful characters and corruption. For Tubby, a change of scenery might be in order, until a moralistic crusading prosecutor tries to destroy the career and reputation of Tubby's favorite judge.

    Suddenly Tubby has a good reason to get out of bed in the morning. Because a little matter of office sex has turned into a nasty mystery of murder, rape, and suicide, real and imagined. And with more than a fair share of femmes fatales around him, and some dangerous criminals masquerading as reputable businessmen, Tubby suddenly has a lot more to do than avoid his next bottle and plot his next meal: he needs a lucky break--just to stay alive....

  7. Tubby Meets Katrina (2006)
    New Orleans attorney Tony Dunbar’s lawyer-turned-sleuth Tubby Dubonnet is back, and this time, the city of New Orleans itself is endangered. Just when Tubby thought it was safe to come back to New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina boils up a rich gumbo of trouble for the unsuspecting lawyer in Tubby Meets Katrina.

    Tubby rides out the storm okay—but then the levees break, the city floods, and he and thousands of other refugees end up in the hellish Convention Center. In the chaos, Tubby’s daughter finds herself targeted by an escaped psychopath, one who envisions himself the human embodiment of the hurricane. With no law enforcement to rely upon, Tubby must use his wits and his connections to protect himself and his family while trying to restore his home and help bring his beloved city back to life.

    This fast-paced story includes incisive vignettes of the dangerous days just after Katrina hit and of the frustrating weeks that followed. Author Dunbar himself had to flee New Oleans to escape the storm, bringing a unique personal touch to his depictions. Combining real events with startling suspense, Tubby Meets Katrina is an important novel for anyone gripped by the Gulf Coast tragedy.

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