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Works by
William Allegrezza
[1974 - ]

editor @ moriapoetry . com
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Profile updated November 17, 2009
Updated December 7, 2009
  • Filament Sense (2008) with cover art (Eruption) by Lawrence Yang
    Poems.  Chapbook available from Ypolita Press (Tell them you found the book at DREAMWalker Group).

  • Collective Instant (2008)
    William Allegrezza's Collective Instant brings together two chapbooks and a series of new works, including "Tracings from the Front," an extended piece exploring the language of conflict stripped and fragmented from its context. The poems in Collective Instant aim towards meanings, hope for meaning, while showing the inevitable absences between understanding and world, between the wild and ordered.

  • Fragile Replacements (2007)
    Fragile Replacements explores the way we live through language, experiencing births, deaths, and rebirths through it, but the book also examines how our language is filled, controlled, and crafted by our societies. Two long poems surround and provide context for reading shorter lyrics in the middle section.

  • Ladders In July (2007)
    Innovative fictions and wide ranging fields of contemporary poetry.

  • In the Weaver's Valley (2006)

  • Ishmael Among the Bushes (2006)
    Available as a free download from Dusie (http://www.dusie.org).

  • Covering Over (2005)
    A collection of older poems only published in e-zines and magazines.  Also available from Lulu.com.

  • The Vicious Bunny Translations (2005)
    A collection of bunny translations that were posted on my blog for two years. The translations are meditations on war, sex, divorce, progress, and death. Also available from Lulu.com.

  • Temporal Nomads (2003) with cover art by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
    This series is about the nomadic nature of time and knowing, about death in the greek poets’ sense, about the way the mind meanders with the myth of logic, creating openings just large enough to inhabit.  Available as a free free download from xPress(ed) (http://www.xpressed.org).

  • Lingo (Date?)
    Published by subontic press and available from William Allegrezza via email.

  • Sonoluminescence (Date?) by William Allegrezza and Simone Muench

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