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William Rooney

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Profile created 2003
  • Infidelity (1999)
    Can a relationship based on incredibly passionate and raw sexual fulfillment disguise itself as true love? Or is true love just a name given to sexual fulfillment?
    Such was the question faced by Tom Clifden, a clever street hustler who found himself sexually glued to Hank Carter, a struggling would-be actor in New York City. Their physical and sexual appetites for each other knew no boundaries. Night after night they revelled in passionate and uninhibited sexual episodes.

    But the question comes up much later. Tom is 53 years old and (without Hank) has used his good looks and street smarts to good advantage. He owns a string of bars across the country and is comfortably settled in Key West.

    His quietude ends abruptly when a letter arrives from Eunice, a woman who 25 years earlier was Hank's first love-and the woman whom Hank had abandoned for Tom's unbelievable sexual powers and pleasures.

    "Hank is dead." The letter was short and to the point. More letters follow and more are exchanged. The correspondence evolves into a steamy, explicit tale about Hank's true character and identity-a Hank that for so many long years Tom had not even known.

    This is the story of two handsome young men who try to build a relationship during the sexually explosive and carefree years of the late 60s. The tale of their love unfolds, revealing the challenges of the ever-growing temptations of Infidelity.

  • Rooney's Shorts (2000)
    Dive into this erotic collection of short stories and experience the arousing, misguided passions of its characters!
    This intriguing collection will delight you with vivid characters who experience passionate and arousing events in their lives. With Rooney's Shorts you will immediately be drawn into the characters' stories by confident storytelling that takes you on a solid series of surprising and suspenseful journeys. These invigorating stories center around deeply homosensual encounters involving issues that span the range from coming-of-age and homosexual recognition to the creation of a ravenous sexual appetite experienced by an intoxicated man and woman who both identify themselves as gay.

    Romp through tantalizing nights in oceanside settings as these tales take you into the inner workings of vulnerable relationships between men and boys, and the relational power struggles that erupt between them!

    You will be captured by the sweet and unexpected tales Rooney weaves for you, enabling you to feel the characters' feelings and dilemmas. Some of the provocative themes and scenarios in Rooney's Shorts include: coming-of-age sexuality involving a boy and his brother-in-law human vulnerability to the intoxication of alcohol and sexual cravings the fragility of relationships in a story that tells about a connection between a young lesbian and a young gay man the search for love and a descent into the darker sides of humanity power struggles with adolescent sexuality and sexual politics within a family violence and race/class conflicts between a New Englander and a Jamaican on a sultry Florida night that results in an erotic connection

    You will discover that Rooney's Shorts is hard to put down with its stories of gay male life and encounters with female impersonators, boys realizing their homosexuality, and exotic adventures in the ocean. Rooney's Shorts constantly motivates you to turn the page with its predominantly Floridian and Provincetown settings, taking you on a personal excursion full of sexual tension, suspense, and satisfying experiences!

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