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Writers Who Write About Architecture

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General Concerns
Baltimore Architecture
Chicago Architecture
New York City Architecture
Philadelphia Architecture
San Francisco Architecture
Washington, DC Architecture

General Baltimore Chicago
David Leddick (Photography)
Diane Maddex
George C. Wolfe
Jennifer Evans Yankopolus
Jerry Adler
Juanita Cheung
Peter LaBau
Reed Kroloff
Roxie Munro
Anthea Smith
Carleton Jones
Charles Belfoure
Christopher Weeks
Frank R. Shivers
Herbert H. Harwood, Jr.

James D. Dilts
Joanne Giza
John R. Dorsey
Joseph A. Whitehorne

Mary Ellen Hayward
Natalie W. Shivers
Peter Richmond
Phoebe B. Stanton
Robert L. Alexander
Robert J. Brugger
S. Cucchiela
Bonita C. Mall
Camilo Jose Vergara

Carl W. Condit
Carol Willis
Costas Spirou

David Garrard Lowe
Donald L. Miller
Elizabeth McNulty
Elmer W. Johnson
Franz Schulze
George A. Larson
Gerard R. Wolfe
Grant Talbot
Jay Pridmore
John Zukovsky
Joseph C. Bigott
Joseph M. Siry
Kevin Harrington
Larry Viskochil
Mary Lackritz Gray
Pauline A. Saliga
Robert Sharp
Timothy Samuelson
New York City Philadelphia San Francisco
Arthur Gelb
Bill Harris
Donald Martin Reynolds
Edmund Vincent
Edward B. Watson
Elliot Willensky
Jerold S. Kayden
Jerry Adler
Kurt C. Schlichting
Lynne B. Sagalyn
Margaret Morton
Marie Salerno
Norval White
Patricia Twohill Lown
Peter G., Jr. Goldmark
Susan L. Klaus
Barbara Klaczynska
Bruno Giberti
David Bruce Brownlee
Derek Fell

Edward Arthur Mauger
Edward Teitelman
Fiske Kimball
Francis Morrone
Graydon Wood
Irvin R. Glazer
James Iska
John A. Gallery
Philip B. Wallace
Richard W. Longstreth
Richard J. Webster (Photographer)

Roger W. Moss
Tom Crane
William A. Dunn (Illustrator)
William M., Jr. Klein
Ana Cristina Canizares
Ashley Group
Bruce S. Glassman
Christopher Alexander
Craig A. Doherty
David Gebhard
Douglas Keister
Elizabeth D. Byrne
Elizabeth Pamada
Elizabeth Pomada
Eric Sandweiss
Gary Garrels
J. D. Peterson
John D. Woodbridge
Jonathan Moberly
Justin Henderson
Katherine M. Doherty
Mario Botta

Michael Blumensaadt (Photographer),
Michael F. Crowe

Michael Larsen

Morley Baer
Paul Duchscherer
Peter Lloyd
Peter Booth Wiley
Randolph Delehanty
Rebecca Solnit
Richard Barnes (Photographer)
Richard W. Longstreth
Robert Milton Winter
Sally B. Woodbridge
Susan Schwartzenberg (Illustrator)
Tom Neville
Zahid Sardar,  (Photographer)
Washington, DC Other  
Adrian Dannatt
Ashley Group
Bruce R. Smith
Judith S. Berson
Warren J Cox
Esperide Ananas
Jan Morris
Manuel Delanda
Paul Tillich
Silvia Buffagni
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Websites Related to Architecture


(We need your help! 
Let us know if you have related links for us to add!
Write us at dreamwalkergroup@me.com)

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