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General Community:

Foster Care

Sites on this page are related to the subject matter of this page or contain links to other sites offering additional  information.

See also: Adoption, Famous Foster Kids

Writers - Foster Care

If an author does not presently have a link to a profile at DREAMWalker Group, kindly use the Amazon search box in the border to the left of this page to search for her or his (or related) books.

Antwone Q. Fisher
Betty Webb (Lena Jones Desert Mysteries)
Dave Pelzer
Malcolm X
Marion Dane Bauer (Fiction)
Patricia Romanowski Bashe
Wayne Dyer
 Wilbur Smith (Fiction)
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Websites Related to Foster Care

  • Foster Club
    The national network for youth in foster care.

Famous Foster Kids
  • Allison Anders
    Film maker

  • Alonzo Mourning
    NBA All-star

  • Anthony "Cos" DiCosmo
    Pro Football Player

  • Art Buchwald

  • Ben Nighthorse
    U.S. Senator and Olympic Athlete

  • Babe Ruth
    Baseball Legend

  • Billy Mills
    Olympic Athlete

  • Bruce Oldfield
    Fashion Designer

  • Carl Hancock Rux

  • Charlotte Ayanna
    This actress and author was  Miss Teen USA (1993) while in foster care!!

  • Cher
    Singer and Actress

  • Dr. Ruth Westheimer
    Psychologist and Author

  • Dan O'Brien
    Olympic Athlete

  • Dave Pelzer

  • Duante Culpepper
    NFL Quarterback Superstar

  • Eddie Murphy
    Comedian and Actor

  • Eleanor Roosevelt
    First Lady

  • Esai Morales

  • Harold Robbins

  • Ice T - Musician
    Actor and Movie Director

  • James Dean

  • John Lennon
    Rock-n-Roll Legend -- The Beatles

  • Lorraine Pascale

  • Malcolm X
    Civil Rights Leader

  • Marilyn Monroe

  • Tom Monaghan
    Created Domino's Pizza

  • Tommy Davidson
    Comedian and Actor

  • Victoria Rowell

  • Wayne Dyer

  • Willie Nelson
    Country Musician

Fictional Foster Kids
  • Clark Kent (Superboy, Superman)

  • Harry Potter

  • Kyle XY

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Write us at dreamwalkergroup@me.com)

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