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GayLesBi Community:

Gay Male Humor

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Writers About Gay Male Humor

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Dan Anderson
Maggie Berman
Lula, ill.
Judy Carter
Joseph Cohen
Michael Thomas Ford

See Michael Thomas Ford

Dennis Hensley
Ed Karvoski, Jr.
Joe Keenan
Ellen Orleans
Joel Perry
Patrick Price
David Rakoff
Donald F. Reuter
Bruce Rogers
  • The Queens' Vernacular (1972)
Dan Savage
David Sedaris
Bob Smith
Robert Triptow, ed.
  • Gay Comics (Winner of the 1989 Lambda Literary Award for Humor)
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Websites Related to Gay Male Humor
  • Fun Judy Links
    The "World Wide Web" can be fun and strange at the same time. Below are some links that have Judy related material. Some of the links are quite odd, while some are just plain fun.

  • Gay Friendly Humor
    Tame, fairly inoffensive jokes.

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