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Hip Hop

The term hip hop (also spelled "hip-hop" or "hiphop") refers both to a musical (see hip hop music) and cultural genre or movement (hip hop culture) that was developed by African Americans and Latinos predominantly in urban communities over the last quarter-century. Since first emerging in New York City in the seventies, hip hop has grown to encompass not just rap music, but an entire lifestyle that consistently incorporates diverse elements of ethnicity, technology, art and urban life. There are four fundamental elements in hip hop: hip hop dance (notably breakdancing), urban inspired art (notably graffiti), DJing and MCing.  -- From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Writers and Hip Hop

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Alan Light
Bakari Kitwana
Beastie Boys
Cheo Hodari Coker
Chris Morrow
Chuck D.
Ernest Hardy
Ernie Paniccioli
Evie Rhodes
Greg Tate
Gwendolyn D. Pough
Jeff Chang

jessica Care moore-Poole (Poet)
Joan Morgan
Kelly Kenyatta
Kevin Powell
Marc Kelly Smith
Michael Eric Dyson
Murray Forman
Nelson George
Nikki Turner
Raquel Cepeda
Raquel Z. Rivera

Relentless Aaron
Ronin Ro
Russell Simmons
Sister Souljah
Terence McPhaul
The Rza
Todd Boyd
Tricia Rose
Tupac Shakur
Vickie M. Stringer
Walt F.J. Goodridge
Yvonne Bynoe
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