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Elissa Wall (Polygamy)

Writers Who Write About Polyamory

Anthony Ravenscroft
Arno Karlen
Barbara Foster, Letha Hadady, & Michael Foster
Bill Strong & Lori Gammon 
Carl Ransom Rogers
Celeste West
Deborah M.  Anapol (Dr.)
Dossie Easton
Ellen Guon & Mercedes Lackey
Emma Holly
Gay Talese
George and Nena O'Neill
John Powell
Kris A Heinlein
Larry L. Constantine
Letha Hadady, Barbara Foster, & Michael Foster
Lori Gammon &  Bill Strong
Marcia Munson
Marge Piercey
Marion Zimmer Bradley
Mercedes Lackey & Ellen Guon
Michael Foster, Barbara Foster, & Letha Hadady,
Milan Kundera
Mystic Life
Nena and George O'Neill
Pat Califia


Patricia Ireland
Philip L. Kilbride
Raven Kaldera
Robert A. Heinlein
Robert H. Rimmer
Roger W. Libby
Roanld Michael Mazur
Ryam Nearing
Samuel R. Delany
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Children-themed Books About Polyamory Issues

Art Spiegelman
Gabrielle Charbonnet
Pija Lindenbaum
Inga Moore
Peter Dickinson
Pija Lindenbaum
Gabrielle Charbonne

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Websites Related to Polyamory Issues

  • Jake The Rake
    Possibly the Internet's only comic strip about Polyamorous Bisexuals!
  • Loving More Magazine
    Loving More was founded in the early 1980s to publish Loving More Magazine the only magazine dedicated exclusively to topics involving multi-partner relating, to help distribute poly relevant books, to host conferences and workshops, and to act as a national clearinghouse and public forum for the polyamorous movement.
  • Pearz
    Poly Personals for all regions of the US and North America
  • Polyamorous NYC
    "A social/discussion group which meets Live at the LGBT Community Center of New York City (208 W 13th St) at 8 PM on the 3rd Wednesday of every month."
  • Polyamory.com
    Polyamory groups and web sites, as well as poly resources, meetings, books & magazines.
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