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bulletAlberta Cheerleading Association - Canadian group provides competition dates and results, judging, membership information, and pictures.
bulletAmerican Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors - A non-profit educational association which provides safety certification and training for coaches and cheerleaders.
bulletAmerican Cheerleading Federation - Cheerleading camps, apparel, videos, and message board.
bulletAustralian Cheerleading Association - Guide to cheerleading down under, including useful tips on starting a cheer team and links.
bulletBritish Cheerleading Association - The Governing Body for the athletic discipline of cheerleading in the UK, BCA is a non-profit, community based organization representing numerous clubs.
bulletChristian Cheerleaders of America - Register online for your camp or competition, read the mission statement, and find photos and information about upcoming events.
bulletCompetitive Cheer Coaches Association of Michigan - Highlights of the site include news, tips for coaches, membership information, and resources such as videos, forms and links.
bulletEastern Cheer and Dance Association - Specializing in cheer and dance training in the Eastern United States, ECA and EDA also sponsor competitions.
bulletFellowship of Christian Cheerleaders - Christian cheerleading competitions, coaches conference.
bulletFlorida Cheer and Dance Association - Camp and competition company with event and date information.
bulletIllinois Cheerleading Coaches Association - Find information on membership, annual conference, regional and state competitions, and history of the organization here.
bulletNew England Cheerleaders Association - Description of NECA cheer camps, guidelines, and competition information.
bulletOntario Cheerleading Foundation - Official site, registration, list of meetings and member's contact numbers.
bulletUnited States Cheerleading Association - Provides cheerleading camps, supplies, and national events.
bulletWashington Redskins Cheerleader Alumni Association - History, photo album, mission statement, volunteer/charity involvement, and related links.
bulletWorld Cheerleading Association - Camps, competitions, championships and special events for cheerleaders and dancers.
bulletWorld Spirit Federation - Hosts national cheerleading and dance championships and camps nationwide.


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