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Profile created October 31, 2009
Updated December 11, 2009
A&M Books of Rehoboth Beach, DE A&M Books is a feminist publishing company founded in 1995 by Anyda Marchant and Muriel Crawford.  The founders passed the torch to publisher Fay Jacobs in 2005.
Kids Can Publish University Kids Can Publish University was the brainchild of Linda Radke of Five Star Publications, Inc. In 1985, shortly after leaving her profession as a special education teacher, Radke started her own publishing company. In hopes of making the world a better place by promoting tolerance, character, kindness and a love for reading and writing with her books, Radke, an award-winning writer and publisher, eventually started Little Five Star Publications.
NewTown Writers Since 1980, NewTown Writers has provided Chicago's GLBT literary community a forum to share literary offerings with those who understand the life experiences from which we draw for our work. NewTown Writers is open to everyone, and holds frequent public events, including a performance series, dramatist workshops, as well as our regular every-other-Thursday workshop-style meetings. NewTown Writers is also dedicated to advancing gay literary expression in publishing with our literary anthology, Off The Rocks, and our e-zine, Swell.
P.D. Publishing P.D. Publishing, Inc. is based in the United States of America and incorporated in the state of North Carolina. We are a lesbian owned and operated publishing company catering to the needs of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Community as well as the Independent Bookstore Community.

We are not a vanity publisher. We pay our authors competitive royalties based on the achieved book sales. Manuscript submissions go through an in-depth selective process. Once contracted, the manuscript is professionally edited and typeset to our company's standards.

We hope to bring authors a publishing experience that yields a high quality trade paperback book that they are proud to call their own with the minimum amount of stress for all involved. One of our operating philosophies is that the author is involved in every step of the publishing process, having input and being kept informed on the progress of their manuscript, from start to finish.

With the talents of a fine staff possessing years of publishing experience, we offer the LGBT community professional publishing, distribution, and fulfillment. Our goal is to feature the most talented voices, both new and experienced, who are writing LGBT literature today. Our books will be of the highest quality, and our customer service will exceed all expectations.

Our goal is to provide high quality books for our customers — readers, authors, and bookstores.  See also Linda Daniel.
Rebel Satori Press Click here for Submission Guides and Current Calls

Rebel Satori Press is an independent publisher of books on spirituality and revolutionary personal transformation. We publish both new/experimental fiction and creative/inspirational non-fiction.

Satori (Japanese; Chinese: wů) is a Zen term for enlightenment. Literally translated, the word means “to understand.” Satori refers to deep or lasting enlightenment. According to DT Suzuki, “Satori is the raison d'etre of Zen, without which Zen is no Zen. Therefore every contrivance, disciplinary and doctrinal, is directed towards satori.” (An Introduction to Zen Buddhism, 1948) Satori can be found in every moment of life, it is wrapped in all daily activities, its goal to unwrap them to see satori.

The Zen Buddhist experience commonly recognizes enlightenment as a transitory thing in life, almost synonymous with the English term epiphany, and satori is the realization of a state of epiphanic enlightenment. Because all things are transitory according to Zen philosophy, however, the transitory nature of satori is not regarded as limiting in the way that a transitory epiphany would be in Western understandings of enlightenment.

The transitory nature of satori, as opposed to the more enduring Nirvana that is sought in the Buddhist traditions of India, owes much to Taoist influences on Chán Buddhism in China, from which Zen Buddhism of Japan evolved. Taoism is a mystical philosophy that emphasizes the purity of the moment, whereas the Hindu roots of Indian Buddhism lend a longer view toward escaping the Karmic prison of perpetual reincarnation in the material world.

Rebel Satori Press
P.O. Box 363
Hulls Cove, ME 04644
Fax: 207.669.4200

Contact Rebel Satori Press

Distributed to the trade by Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Bertrams (UK), Gardners (UK).

[Satori description adapted from wikipedia.org]
Young Offenders Media Young Offenders Media is a multimedia company with a focus on GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual) as well as all other types of alternative fiction, poetry and graphic novels from both established and brand new authors. Our objective is to give authors all the tools they need for their books to be successful without taking away all of their control. While we ask them to work hard on their own behalf, we will also support them with a wide array of promotional materials, cooperative advertising and publicity events, plus the chance to collaborate with musicians, videographers, artists and other writers to cross-promote and get in touch with a much wider audience, not only in the U.S., but around the world.


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