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Ali Vali

Profile created April 19, 2006

Ali Vali, originally from Cuba, has retained much of her family’s traditions and language and uses them frequently in her stories.-- from Saints & Sinners

Casey Family Saga
  • The Devil Inside (2006)
    Derby Cain Casey was groomed from birth to be the next leader of the Casey family business. Only in this case that meant becoming the head of a major crime family in New Orleans. She was as judicious with her heart as she was with her business until she met Emma Verde. The farm girl from Wisconsin breaks through to claim the mobster’s heart and gifts her with their son Hayden, the next in line to lead the Casey Clan. “Devil Inside” tells the story of Cain’s greatest joy and the pain that comes when that happiness is shattered by a betrayal that comes at the hands of the one person from whom she never expected it. While struggling with her hidden pain, Cain must do battle with two very different adversaries, both bent on bringing her down -- the FBI and the Cannala crime family.

  • The Devil Unleashed (December 2006 release)
    “The Devil Inside” introduced the story of Cain and Emma Casey, their family, and the forces that sought to destroy them. Now, threatened from every side, Cain must unleash that devil to protect all she holds dear. A gunshot meant to end the legacy of the Casey Clan has left a weakened Cain fighting to regain control of her business while trying to protect her heart from the woman who left her. As the heat of violence rises, so does the passion. One by one, Cain faces her enemies and discovers the truth of who was behind one of the greatest losses of her life. Only this time she might not have to carry the burden of leading the family alone – if she is willing to take a chance on love again. But can she trust Emma not to run as she did once before when faced with the dark parts of the Casey family leader?

Other Fiction
  • Carly's Sound (July 2006 release)
    Poppy Valente has the world in the palm of her hand until fate steals from her the one thing that matters most – her wife Carly. When breast cancer ends their life together, Poppy finds herself not knowing how to begin to live again. Julia Johnson is running to Carly’s Sound with her newborn daughter Tallulah in search of the path to her future. On a chance meeting two years after Carly’s death, these two women form a bond of friendship that lays the foundation for something more. “Carly’s Sound” will bring you from New Orleans to a five star resort in the Caribbean as Julia and Poppy struggle to define their lives and Poppy’s past comes back to haunt her – literally.

  • Gillery's Little Secret (2006)
    Short film Ali Vali worked on with Liquid Film Works; starring Anna Beth Gish and Julie Ann Emery. The film was based on Ali’s short story “Calumet.”

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