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Ronica Black

Profile created December 12, 2006
  • In Too Deep (2005) -- Winner 2006 Golden Crown Literary Society Award for Debut Author; Finalist 2005 Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Debut Fiction
    When undercover work requires working under the covers, danger is an uninvited bedfellow…

    Erin McKenzie, a newly promoted homicide detective, lands the assignment of her career when she is chosen to investigate Elizabeth Adams, the number one suspect in a slew of serial murders. Adams, elusive and devastatingly beautiful, is not only an accomplished seductress but also a lesbian. Erin, straight and married, needs a crash course in more than just undercover detecting. With Patricia Henderson, a fellow homicide cop and Adams former lover as a mentor, Erin embarks on the journey of her life…with love and danger hot on her heels.

  • Wild Abandon (2006) --- Finalist, 2006 Lambda Literary Award for Romance (Lesbian)
    Doctor Chandler Brogan's favorite things start with the letter S: Speed, Sex, and as she soon discovers when a cop pulls her over on her motorcycle for reckless driving...Sarah.

    Chandler is a clinical psychologist who focuses on sexual dysfunction, but her professional expertise has never made her personal life any easier. She spends more and more time searching for the ultimate connection, and when she fails, she escapes on her bike. Officer Sarah Monroe enjoys being in control, so much so that she can't let down her guard enough to achieve the intimacy she secretly craves.

    From their first tumultuous meeting, the two women are drawn together in a battle of wills and a fiery sexual dance that neither can turn away from.

  • Hearts Aflame (2007 release)
    Thirty year old real estate guru and “city girl” Krista Wyler is soon at the mercy of the Arizona desert when she learns she is to inherit her family’s business, Wyler Ranch. Krista’s Aunt Judith, owner of the ranch, is dying of cancer and Krista is the only local relative able to help. Because of this, she reluctantly moves in and takes over, caring for the ranch, her sick aunt and delusional Uncle Clinton. It's only supposed to be temporary, as she plans to sell the unprofitable ranch. But as soon as her aunt and uncle hear of her plan, they object and call Rae Jarrett, a woman who not only doctors their horses, but has been a close family friend for years. Rae is strong, stubborn, quiet in her ways and unbelievably handsome. Krista finds her to be mysterious and reserved, yet the cowgirl softly demands and wins respect from the Wylers and cowboys alike. Arguing with her aunt and seething with pride, Krista insists she needs no help keeping the ranch up and running. She decides to turn the place into a dude ranch. Right away city folk are knocking at the door ready to pay good money for the chance to chase the Wyler cattle across miles of unforgiving terrain. And due to unforeseen circumstances, Krista finds herself where she least expected to be – setting out on the trail with the woman she's either been trying hard to impress or avoid altogether, Rae Jarrett. Along with a unique mix of paying patrons, the two women set out on a journey in which they’re thrust together at every opportunity, forcing their hidden feelings to the foreground more and more. Krista and Rae's journey is destined to become a life changing adventure neither could have foreseen or will ever forget. Heart's Aflame is a poignant, erotic romance packed with adventure and set in the harsh beauty of the Arizona terrain.

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