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Works by
Andrew Holleran
(aka Eric Garber)

[1943 - ]

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Profile created 2003
As Andrew Holleran (Writer)
  • The Man I Might Become: Gay Men Write About Their Fathers (2002) with Bruce Shenitz (Editor)
    Fathers and sons: Writers throughout history have grappled with the relationships between them. Now The Man I Might Become: Gay Men Write About Their Fathers assembles twenty-eight essays, which, taken together, offer as complete a picture as we have ever had of how the lives of gay sons and their fathers unfold. "The anecdotes one hears in any gay lifetime," writes Andrew Holleran, in his foreword, "include every conceivable combination of father and sons—fathers who were despised, adored, crucial, irrelevant, remote or intimate—just like the fathers of straight men and women." From the first piece in the collection, Peter M. Krask’s "The Question I Asked Him," to the last, Bernard Cooper’s "Winner Take Nothing," the stories amply demonstrate this observation, and offer a moving pageant of lost opportunities and regrets, comforts and sorrows, hatred and affection. "These essays move sequentially from alienation toward reconciliation," writes editor Bruce Shenitz in his introduction, "with several intermediate steps—puzzled incomprehension, grudging acceptance, strained attempts at understanding—and a detour into sexual mythologies. Whether they are read in sequence or at random, they provide a rough typology of father-son relationships that are richly different from each other. There are no simple explanations for why some of these relationships deepen while others never move beyond painful confrontations; what these writings offer is the suggestion of a range of possibilities." The Man I Might Become offers an essential reading experience for every gay man coming to terms with his father, his family, and his own future as a man—and for any reader (straight or gay, parent or child) curious about the ways that we live with the legacy of our fathers.

  • Dancer from the Dance: A Novel  (1978) -- #15 of the 100 Best Gay and Lesbian Novels.
    One of the most important works of gay literature, this haunting, brilliant novel is a seriocomic remembrance of things past -- and still poignantly present. It depicts the adventures of Malone, a beautiful young man searching for love amid New York's emerging gay scene. From Manhattan's Everard Baths and after-hours discos to Fire Island's deserted parks and lavish orgies, Malone looks high and low for meaningful companionship. The person he finds is Sutherland, a campy quintessential queen -- and one of the most memorable literary creations of contemporary fiction. Hilarious, witty, and ultimately heartbreaking, Dancer from the Dance is truthful, provocative, outrageous fiction told in a voice as close to laughter as to tears.

  • Nights in Aruba: A Novel (1983)
    This groundbreaking novel of gay life centers around Paul, an uneasy commuter between two parallel worlds. He is the dutiful son of aging, upper-middle-class parents living in Florida, and a homosexual man plunged deliriously into the world of New York City's bars, baths, and one-night stands. With wry humor and subtle lyricism, Holleran reveals the tragedy and comedy of one man's struggle to come to terms with middle age, homosexuality, truth, love, and life itself.

  • Ground Zero (1988)
    Vignettes and essays regarding the impact of the AIDS epidemic on Andrew Holleran's.

  • In the Mirror of Men's Eyes (1995)

  • The Beauty of Men: A Novel (1996) -- Finalist, 1987 American Library Association's Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, & Transgendered Book Award
    "Lake doesn't work and doesn't have friends, a job, or even a first name. All he really has is an abundance of memories of the unsatisfied life of a middle-aged gay man. "I've been a flop as a homosexual," says Lake. The book revolves around Lake's recollection of a time spent lost and hopeless and takes place in Gainesville, Florida, a place as unspectacular as his existence. In this examination of a life given to thinking about worry and lust, Andrew Holleran raises disturbing questions for people of every sexual preference." -- Amazon.com

  • In September, the Light Changes (1999)
    Andrew Holleran's first novel, Dancer from the Dance, is recognized as a classic portrait of gay life in New York in the 1970s. His subsequent works, from Nights in Aruba and The Beauty of Men to the essays in Ground Zero, established Holleran as the preeminent voice in the contemporary gay literary canon. His fiction has earned comparisons to that of Guy de Maupassant, Somerset Maugham, and F. Scott Fitzgerald, and now Holleran returns with a collection of sixteen powerful short stories. Exploring the lives and times of those who have lived past the exuberance of youth, these tales make for a moving journey across landscapes of regret and loss, shame and pride, loneliness and love. With a surprising yet sensitive comic touch, Andrew Holleran has written his most mature work to date--a poignant, polished collection.

  • Grief (2006)
    Reeling from the recent death of his invalid mother, an exhausted, lonely professor comes to our nation's capital to escape his previous life. What he finds there -- in his handsome, solitary landlord; in the city's somber mood and sepulchral architecture; and in the strange and impassioned journals of Mary Todd Lincoln -- shows him unexpected truths about America and loss.

As Eric Garber (Editor, writer)
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