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Eric Arvin

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http://www. ericarvin. net
Profile created February 8, 2007
  • Soul Journey (In Progress)

  • Slight Details & Random Events (2007)
    A collection of short stories from one of today's most talented and challenging new writers. Eric Arvin covers everything from college love to mystical river sprites, from deep tragedy to bawdy sex comedy, in this collection that takes the everyday and finds the adventure within. It's a read sure to keep you guessing.

  • The Mingled Destinies of Crocodiles and Men (In Progress)

  • SubSurdity: Vignettes from Jasper Lane (2007)
    Jasper Lane is the perfect, sunny, American neighborhood, or so it would seem. Melinda Gold is a young mother whose desire for position in the neighborhood is at odds with her upbringing by her ultra conservative mother. The same mother who makes life hell for Melinda's son, Patrick; Cassie Bloom is the grand dame of Jasper Lane, living on a cul du sac and doing her best to annoy Melinda. But she has a secret of her own regarding her missing husband and son that only a few, including the transsexual Vera, know about; Rick has just moved into the neighborhood and has immediately fallen for the ex-Army man, James. Will he find the courage to go after what he wants?; Terrence, Rick's good friend, has found out he has a son from a one-night stand years before where he dallied with heterosexuality; and the perfect couple Steve and Sandy have run into a rough patch which forces Steve to find employment in the porn industry.

    All these stories interlock and play out in a brightly comic way with gay porn parties, sexually confused animals, and dead bodies all being thrown in the mix. It may not be perfect, but it sure is fun!

  • The Rest is Illusion (2006) -- Nominated 2006 Lambda Literary Gay Men's Debut Fiction Awards
    A coming of age story with a supernatural bent, The Rest is Illusion is set on the campus of Verona College, a small liberal arts school that overlooks an ancient river valley. The story centers on five students at critical points in their lives. Sarah, a young woman at odds with everything her parents stand for; Ash, a mysterious genius who stands out in a crowd; Dashel, a young man with a mysterious illness; Tony, a promising football star with a hidden secret; and Wilder, a manipulative son of a noted politician with designs of his own. Their individual stories join and intertwine over the course of a week - one week that will change each of their lives forever. An unseen force that surrounds the college, living deep in the woods, amplifies their challenges, and as the entity increases its hold on the lives of the characters, things begin to unravel. For some, the change is welcome and long sought, but for others, change will prove a catalyst to a terrifying end.

  • Mr. Right Now (2008) by Alix Bekins, Eric Arvin, Fae Sutherland, and Rhianne Aile
    Are you searching for Mr. Right? We all dream of that magic moment when sparks fly and the attraction is undeniable. However, during the search, it is often enjoyable to take a time out and share a few stolen moments or even a whole weekend with Mr. Right Now.

    This anthology showcases a series of stories that describe random encounters involving Mr. Right Now: sizzling-hot lunchtime meetings, passionate, tense clashes in the back seat of a car, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities or casual arrangements of convenience. These moments can last a handful of explosive minutes or build into lasting romance - you never know when Mr. Right Now is going to surprise you and become so much more. Have you met him before and desired him from afar? Or is he a complete stranger you bumped into at the corner supermarket or in a dark club?

    Give Mr. Right Now a chance. Even if all you think you have is the now... he might surprise you.

  • The Blackbeard Legacy
    The only thing of any worth to Hanna amongst the wreckage of an unlucky vessel is its sole survivor, who tells the captain about a secret treasure only he knows how to obtain. But he has reasons of his own to employ her aide. And with zombies, threatening weather, and the ever-gaining Captain Purloin, it's going to be a difficult task for the crew to even get off the island. quest for gold, adventure and her fathers head on a stick.Script by Eric Arvin.

    Available from Bluewater Productions, Inc.

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February 8, 2007

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    In a Shallow Grave and Narrow Rooms
  • Jamie O'Neill
    At Swim Two Boys
  • John Knowles
    A Separate Peace

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