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Josh Aterovis
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josh @ joshaterovis . com
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Profile created April 30, 2008
Updated October 31, 2009
Killian Kendall Mystery Series
  1. Reap the Whirlwind (2003, 2007) -- Winner of two Gay Writers Guild Awards; Winner Whodunit Award from the StoneWall Society
    Nothing can stay the same forever. We get in trouble in life when we think it can and will. Everything changes, or as King Solomon said in the Bible and The Byrds sang in the 60s, to everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven. Its not a particularly easy lesson to learn, or a fun one for that matter. I learned it the summer between high school and college, and my life would never be the same."

    Will's life is changing so quickly he cant keep up. He's moving out of his parents' home for the first time, changing careers, making new friends, and falling in love with the person he least expected. In the process, hes also learning a lot about himself. As if he doesn't have enough going on, his life-long best friend dies in what appears to be a drunken accident. But when Will receives a note hinting that it may not have been an accident after all, he finds that he can't rest until he knows the truth. With the help of Killian Kendall and his friends, Will begins an amateur investigation that will result in even more death. Will thought the biggest changes were behind him, but they had only just begun.

    Reap the Whirlwind blends a coming-of-age story and mystery with a powerful love story.

  2. Bleeding Hearts (2003, 2007) -- Winner Whodunit Award from the StoneWall Society
    When Killian's new friend Seth is brutally murdered and he is seriously injured in the process the police think it's just a random mugging. Killian thinks there may have been a darker motive and, with Seth's father, sets out to uncover the truth behind the possible hate crime. Before his investigation is over he will uncover hatred and corruption in small town America.

    Bleeding Hearts takes a different approach to the traditional mystery. Blending gay romance, mystery and suspense with a powerful coming of age story, Josh Aterovis has created characters and a story that readers everywhere will love.

  3. All Lost Things (2009)
    Killian Kendall's life is changing faster than he can keep up. He's graduating from high school, breaking up with his boyfriend, and starting a new job with a private investigator. He's barely settled at his new desk when his ex-boyfriend calls with a desperate plea for help. He wants Killian to prove his new boyfriend is innocent in the shockingly violent murder of his abusive father. Killian reluctantly agrees to take the case, little knowing how complicated -- and dangerous -- things will become before it's over.

    On the home front, Killian's surrogate parents decide to buy a historic mansion and turn it into a bed and breakfast. The house comes with a rich history... and maybe a ghost or two. Killian doesn't want to believe in such things, but he's quickly becoming convinced that something terrible happened to the home's original owners. The century-old mystery both terrifies and tantalizes Killian. In the end, he may be the only one who can uncover the truth.

  4. A Change of Worlds (2010 release) -- Winner 2005 Whodunit Award Pride in the Arts Awards from the StoneWall Society.
    When Killian takes on an investigation into a series of thefts from a Native American archaeological site as a favor for an old friend, he never dreamed it would escalate into violence and murder. What started out as a seemingly simple favor for a friend now has much higher stakes than missing artifacts. One person is dead, one injured, and lives are on the line...including Killian's.

    Things aren't exactly smooth sailing in Killian's private life either. Micah has given him a huge choice to make, but Asher's reappearance has only clouded Killian's decision. Who will he choose?

    (Read the companion short story, "Never Alone" that introduced vital characters to A Change of Worlds.)

  5. The Truth of Yesterday (2010 release)
    We like to think of life as a story -- complete with a nice, neat beginning, middle, and end. Real life is seldom that orderly. We often forget just how powerful the past can be. After all, it's over and done with, so how can it affect the present? The truth is, while it may be over, it is seldom done, especially in matters not properly dealt with. It has a way of twisting our perception, our feelings, and even our reality. Things we thought long behind us can suddenly be very much before us.

    Killian is thrilled when his first real case takes him on a surveillance trip to Washington D.C. -- and with his boyfriend Micah, no less! When Micah takes him out to celebrate the successful resolution of his case, Micah's past comes back to haunt them in a big way. Killian is stunned when he learns the truth, and even more shocked to hear about the murder of Micah's former lover, Paul. The truth threatens to tear them apart, but at the same time, Killian is drawn to find Paul's killer.
    Meanwhile, his old friend Judy has asked him to investigate her own son, whose behavior has changed radically in the last few months. She is worried that he may be involved in something dangerous...and she has no idea how right she is.
    Entering into the perilous and often grim world of male escorts, Killian discovers that things are seldom what they seem and everyone has a past.

  • Breaking Masks (2011 release) by Josh Aterovis and Dave Dabeagle
    When Jake Sheridan decided to move far away for college, he was trying to put his past behind him and get a fresh start. He didn't know what he was getting himself into. Now he's feeling far away from everything and everyone he knows...and feeling quite lonely. Then he meets the adorably awkward kid at the coffee shop...

    Kody Kingsley let his dad talk him into attending his alma mater and now he's have trouble adjusting to his new setting as well. Things are only further complicated when he finds himself attracted to the hot guy he seems to be running into everywhere he goes. If he only knew the attraction was mutual...

    Bad-timing and unexpected obstacles seem to be conspiring to keep them apart. Can love win out in the end?

    This romantic comedy is Josh Aterovis' first collaboration with online author Dabeagle (www.dabeagle.com). The story combines the characters Jake Sheridan from Aterovis' Killian Kendall series and Kody Kingsley from Dabeagle's contribution to the Baysville project. Chapters alternate point-of-view between Jake and Kody.

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