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Karen Bentley
(Aka Karen Anne Bentley)

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Profile created October 19, 2007
  • Stop Out-of-Control Eating: The Big Heart Way to Create Strength Through Inner Peace (2000)
    A simple five-step daily weight loss program that's so revolutionary and so unique, it will completely revitalize your interest and motivation. This spiritually-enriching process teaches how to make weight loss meaningful. The secret is to use the impulse to eat as an opportunity to fine-tune the spirit and to acquire inner strength. Especially written for people who have not had lasting weight loss success. Get yourself launched like a rocket with this powerful program that strategically links mind, spirit, heart, body and food. Nothing else like it exists anywhere! This is the path you have been seeking.

Big Heart Study Guides
Big Heart Miracle Study Guides are dedicated to increasing awareness of A Course In Miracles®. Different aspects of the Course are explained, and the reader learns how to apply and use the ideas in everyday life.
  1. 10 Radiant Ideas: Awaken Your Passion for Living Consciously (2001)
    What if much of what we've been taught about God needs to be re-examined? Could there be another way to see the world and your role in it? Does anything we routinely do to "save ourselves" really work?

    10 Radiant Ideas boldly answers these controversial questions and more by exploring the deeper meaning of existence. It exemplifies the unorthodox trend away from conventional religion and the move towards a personal code of spirituality. The reader is led to re-examine basic beliefs through an introduction of ten core principles from A Course In Miracles®. The Course is one of the most profound and important spiritual guides to awakening of our time, yet many people find it complex and hard to understand. 10 Radiant Ideas cuts through the confusion with clarity, intelligence, and insight.

    The great benefit to the reader is that 10 Radiant Ideas shines light into the mind. When the mind holds light, and only light, it is said to be "enlightened." Each of the ten ideas is a ray of light. The reader learns why the idea is useful and how to put it into action in every day life. Additionally, the ability to see the spiritual path from a big picture perspective enables the reader to make personal decisions that are much more conscious and more powerful. There is no greater gift than the ability to direct yourself and proceed independently.

    This is the path to, and of, love. It is intended for any spiritual seeker, for non-evangelical Christians, and for people who are interested in learning more about A Course In Miracles®.

  2. The Book of Love: Awaken Your Passion to be Your Higher Self (2002)
    The power of love heals all, restores all, renews all. It will undo anger. It will undo guilt. It will restore kindness and trust to your relationships. It will enable you to feel good about yourself and others. It will inspire you to connect deeply with your own divinity and holiness. And it will create the possibility for happiness beyond your wildest expectations. This is not an empty promise. It is the truth.

    Love is the only thing that really matters in our lives. When you’re on your deathbed, you don’t care about your bank account or your body weight or how your house is decorated or whether or not your children have good grades. All you care about is the love you have in your heart for others and the love they have for you.

    Why wait until life is over to make this monumental realization about the importance of love? Do it now. Enrich your life now. Fill your heart with joy now. Don’t waste another second of your life in misery, or anger, or depression, or guilt. Because, truly, every single one of these feeling is a colossal waste of time. There is a better way to go through life, a much better way. It is the way of love.

    The problem is that there’s much confusion about what it means to be a loving being. Love is one of those vague terms that means different things to different people. This results in wildly different expectations about how love "should be." In fact, everyone has their own fantasy about how love "should be" rather than how it is. The Book of Love awakens you from this dream by teaching how love is. The one seemingly subtle difference will open your mind and make you question everything you think you know about love. The tiny opening in the mind is the beginning of your spiritual journey home to God, to your Christ-self, and to a re-joining with your brothers and sisters.

    The Book of Love is based on the spiritual ideas from A Course In Miracles®. The Course is not a religion. It is a path to a loving God completely and totally without the interference of religion. Some people consider it a correction to or a refinement of Christianity because it teaches how to perceive with the Holy Spirit rather than with the ego. In any case, The Book of Love gives the reader a snapshot into the Course, and the reader is free to objectively assess whether or not to pursue it. No pressure is exerted.

    The Book of Love offers 10 blockbuster, mega turbo-charged benefits to the reader:

    1. Clarity – You get unshakeable logic in a space where there’s much confusion.

    2. Impact – Information is organized and presented in a strategic way that moves you to action.

    3. Simplicity – Directions are practical and straightforward.

    4. Results. It doesn’t matter whether you want to undo anger, undo guilt, undo depression, or forgive a lifelong grudge, your goal will be achieved.

    5. Upliftment – Nothing useful is accomplished in misery. You will be refreshed and exhilarated by what you read.

    6. Possibility – Once the mind is opened, anything is possible. Maybe even happiness beyond your wildest expectations.

    7. Worthiness – When you become the source of unconditional love, your self esteem is unshakeable.

    8. Independence – The Book of Love gives you everything you need to know to proceed on your own.

    9. Value – Every chapter is packed with information or direct experiences. You get actionable ideas at the bargain price of less than $1 each.

    10. Holiness - Meet your Christ-self and reconnect with your own divinity.

The miracle of love never fails. You will not be disappointed.

  1. The Power to Stop
    Awaken your passion to develop inner strength.

  2. Heal Yourself and Others
    Awaken your passion to be a miracle worker.

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