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A Course In Miracles

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Writers Who Write About A Course In Miracles

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Authors are listed
by their first name.
Writers Who Write About A Course in Miracles

Alan Cohen
Alan Reid
Alex Howard
Allen Watson
Arielle Essex
Arnold M. Patent

Ben Renshaw
Bette Jean Cundiff
Beverly Hutchinson
Brent Haskell
Burt Hotchkiss
Candice Doyle
Carol M. Howe
Chuck Spezzano
Colin C. Tipping
Writers Who Write About A Course in Miracles

D. Patrick Miller
Dan Joseph
Dan Odegard
DavidPaul Doyle
Diane V. Cirincione

Eckhart Tolle Frances Vaughan
Writers Who Write About A Course in Miracles

Gary Renard
Gerald G. Jampolsky
Gloria Wapnick
Greg Mackie

Harriet Elizabeth Hamilton
Helen Schucman
Writers Who Write About A Course in Miracles
Jerry Sears
John Nagy
John Randolph Price
John Jacob Raub
Jon Mundy
Judith Skutch
Julius J. Finegold
Karen Bentley
Karen Casey
Kenneth Obermeyer
Kenneth Wapnick
Lee Jampolsky
Linda Carpenter
Lisa Natoli
Lynda Bates
Writers Who Write About A Course in Miracles
Mari Perron
Marianne Williamson
Michael Dawson
Mike Lemieux
Miranda Holden
Nick Williams
Nouk Sanchez
Writers Who Write About A Course in Miracles
Pamela Galadrial
Patricia Hopkins
Paul Ferrini
NONE Raveena Nash
Robert Holden
Robert Perry
Robert Roskind
Robert Skutch
Robin Casarjian
Roger Walsh
Writers Who Write About A Course in Miracles
Sara Nell Hayden
Sherry Ruth Anderson
Steven Halpern (Music)
Toby Johnson (Gay Fiction)
Tom Carpenter
Tomas Vieira
Writers Who Write About A Course in Miracles
NONE William N. Thetford NONE
Writers Who Write About A Course in Miracles
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Course in Miracles for Children

Bette Jean Cundiff
Harriet Elizabeth Hamilton
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Let us know if you have related links for us to add!
Write us at dreamwalkergroup@me.com)



Websites Related to A Course In Miracles
  • Circle Course Community
    The purpose of this online community is to provide members with maximum support in walking the path of the Course. A Course In Miracles is not the easiest path to follow. It asks us to study challenging teachings and do frequent inner practice. It asks us to spend our time giving love and healing to others. It asks us to do the last thing our ego wants to do—forgive. Perhaps we have considered these things too difficult to really do. Yet we all know that difficult things are best done with expert guidance and strong group support.

  • Foundation for Inner Peace
    Welcome to A Course In Miracles' Web site.  We're happy to have you as our online guest while you access first-hand information about the Course — a unique, universal, self-study spiritual thought system that teaches the way to Love and Inner Peace is through forgiveness.

  • Gorgeous for God: A Blog by Lisa Natoli

  • Hear Marianne Williamson on Oprah & Friends Radio
    See also Oprah Winfrey here at DREAMWalker Group

  • Miracle Distribution Center
    We're a nonprofit organization founded in 1978 to serve as a worldwide contact point for A Course In Miracles. We publish The Holy Encounter magazine and offer many other free services for students of the Course to help them connect with others and integrate the principles of A Course In Miracles into their daily lives. Use the navigation bar at the top of each page to find all our site has to offer. We appreciate your support of our services through your purchases of books and your donations.

  • Robert Perry and the Circle of Atonement

  • The Daily Miracles Show

  • The Miracle Times
    Welcome to The Miracle Times - your A Course In Miracles eZine featuring the daily lesson from A Course In Miracles, articles and stories of transformation plus instant access to our latest state of the art A Course In Miracles Audio Visual and Multimedia for awakening and enlightenment. Experience the transformation of your mind through A Course In Miracles.

A Course in Miracles and 12-Step Program Related

  • 12 Steps and A Course in Miracles (Audio Podcast)
    12 Step Online Advents broadcasting from Endeavor Academy in Wisconsin Dells, USA This Podcast was created using www.talkshoe.com.

  • A Miracle Course that is The 12 Step Program
    A Course In Miracles and The 12 Step Program -- Wherein the necessary process of awakening from your self-orchestrated dream of pain and death will be stimulated and accelerated.

    These are programs of recovery from an insanely rational, self-perpetuating, objectively-temporal existence of terminal confinement that is being misconstrued as some form of the True Reality that is Eternal Life.

  • A Way Out: 12 Steps and A Course In Miracles
    "The 12 Step Program and A Course in Miracles are for anyone who has ever said, "There must be a better way!” and has asked for help. If you find yourself unhappy, afraid, resentful, sad, confused, etc., or identify with any addiction whatsoever, these programs are for you.

    ... If you find yourself in this position of hopelessness, you might be closer to the solution than you think.

    ... If you are ready right here and now we would like to offer you another way, A Way Out. Through working these Steps with a sponsor and practicing the lessons of A Course in Miracles, you will find a life that knows no limits. In this sense you know of it already because it is what you really are, created by God and eternal. We offer this to you because it worked for us and continues to lead us directly to God in each moment. In His hands we know ourselves perfectly and know you perfectly. In this moment now we are free.

     ... We hope only that this website and the information we have given here will offer you even the slightest experience that we’ve come to know and love. Freedom, love, and a true revelation of your perfection is at your finger tips. You have already asked, you have already received, now it's time to know who you really are." -- from website's page, "Am I An Addict?"

  • A Course in Miracles and Alcoholics Anonymous

  • ACIM and the Twelve Steps
    The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop giving meaning to the meaningless.





(We need your help! 
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Write us at dreamwalkergroup@me.com)

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