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Works by
Marion Zimmer Bradley
[June 3, 1930 - September 25, 1999]

Profile created December 7, 2007

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Writing as Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • The Gratitude of Kings (1997) with Elisabeth Waters

  • Lady of the Trillium (1995)

  • Tiger Burning Bright (1995) with Andre Norton and Mercedes Lackey

  • Black Trillium (1990) with Andre Norton and Julian May

  • The Firebrand (1987)

  • Warrior Woman (1987)

  • Night's Daughter (1985)

  • The Colors Of Space (1963, 1983)

  • Survey Ship (1980)

  • The House Between the Worlds (1980)

  • The Catch Trap (1979)
    The Endless Universe (1979)
    This is a rewrite of The Endless Voyage.

  • Ruins of Isis (1978)

  • Drums of Darkness (1976)

  • Can Ellen Be Saved? (1975)
    This an an adaptation of a teleplay by Emmett Roberts.

  • The Endless Voyage (1975)

  • The Jewel of Arwen (1974)

  • The Parting of Arwen (1974)

  • In the Steps of the Master - The Sixth Sense #2 (1973)
    This is based on the television series, The Sixth Sense, created by Anthony Lawrence.

  • The Brass Dragon (1970)

  • Bluebeard's Daughter (1968)

  • Souvenir of Monique (1967)

  • Castle Terror (1965)

  • Seven from the Stars (1961)

  • The Door Through Space (1961)

  • Falcons of Narabedla (1957)

  • The Maenads (1978)

Short Fiction
  • Jamie and Other Stories (1988)

  • The Best of Marion Zimmer Bradley (1985)

  • The Dark Intruder and Other Stories (1964)

Writing as Lee Chapman
  • I am a Lesbian (1962)

Writing as John Dexter

  • No Adam for Eve (1966)

Writing as Miriam Gardner

  • The Strange Women (1967)

  • Twilight Lovers (1964)

  • My Sister, My Love (1963)

Writing as Morgan Ives

  • Knives of Desire (1966)

  • Anything Goes (1964)

  • Spare Her Heaven (1963)

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