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Works by
Paul Bowles
[December 30, 1910 November 18, 1999]

Profile created January 18, 2008

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As Translator
  • A Life Full Of Holes (1964) by Driss Ben Hamed Charhadi

  • Love With A Few Hairs (196*) by Mohammed Mrabet

  • The Lemon (1968) by Mohammed Mrabet

  • M'Hashish (1970) by Mohammed Mrabet

  • The Boy Who Set the Fire (1974) by Mohammed Mrabet

  • Harmless Poisons, Blameless Sins (1976) by Mohammed Mrabet

  • Look & Move On (1976) by Mohammed Mrabet

  • Five Eyes (1979) by Abdeslam Boulaich, Ahmed Yacoubi, Mohamed Choukri, Larbi Layachi, and Mohammed Mrabet

  •  Without Stopping: An Autobiography (1972)

  • 1995 In Touch - The letters of Paul Bowles, (1995), Jeffrey Miller, ed.

  • Sonata for Oboe and Clarinet (1931)

  • Yankee Clipper (1937)

  • Pastorela (1941)

  • The Glass Managerie (1944)

  • Cabin (1946) with words by Tennessee Williams

  • Concerto for Two Pianos (1946)

  • Sonata for Two Pianos (1947)

  • Night Waltz (1949)

  • A Picnic Cantata (1953)

  • Yerma (1955)

  • Blue Mountain Ballads (1979) with words by Tennessee Williams

  • Black Star at the Point of Darkness (1992)

  • Baptism of Solitude (1995)


  • The Sheltering Sky (1940)

  • Let It Come Down (1952)

  • The Spider's House (1955)

  • Up Above the World (1966)

  • Too Far From Home (1991)

  • Two Poems (1933)

  • Scenes (1968)

  • The Thicket of Spring (1972)

  • Next to Nothing: Collected Poems, 1926-1977 (1981)

Short Stories
  • A Little Stone (1950)

  • The Delicate Prey and Other Stories (1950)

  • The Hours after Noon (1959)

  • A Hundred Camels in the Courtyard (1962)

  • The Time of Friendship (1967)

  • Pages from Cold Point and Other Stories (1968)

  • Three Tales (1975)

  • Things Gone & Things Still Here (1977)

  • Collected Stories, 1939-1976 (1979)

  • Points in Time (1982)

  • Unwelcome Words: Seven Stories (1988)

  • Yallah, text by Paul Bowles (1957) with Peter W. Haeberlin, Photographer

  • Their Heads are Green (1963)

  • The Sheltering Sky, Let It Come Down, The Spider's House (2002)

  • Collected Stories and Later Writings (2002), Daniel Halpern, ed.

See also:
  • February House: The Story of W. H. Auden, Carson McCullers, Jane and Paul Bowles, Benjamin Britten, and Gypsy Rose Lee, Under One Roof In Wartime America (2005) by Sherill Tippins -- Finalist Lambda Literary Award for Biography
    February House is the uncovered story of an extraordinary experiment in communal living, one involving young but already iconic writers -- and the country's best-known burlesque performer -- in a house at 7 Middagh Street in Brooklyn during 1940 and 1941. It was a fevered year-long party fueled by the appetites of youth and by the shared sense of urgency to take action as artists in the months before America entered the war. In spite of the sheer intensity of life at 7 Middagh, the house was for its residents a creative crucible.

    Carson McCullers's two masterpieces,
    The Member of the Wedding and The Ballad of the Sad Cafe, were born, bibulously, in Brooklyn. Gypsy Rose Lee, workman-like by day, party girl by night, wrote her book The G-String Murders in her Middagh Street bedroom. Auden -- who along with Britten was being excoriated at home in England for absenting himself from the war -- presided over the house like a peevish auntie, collecting rent money and dispensing romantic advice. And yet all the while he was composing some of the most important work of his career.

    Sherill Tippins's February House, enlivened by primary sources and an unforgettable story, masterfully recreates daily life at the most fertile and improbable live-in salon of the twentieth century. 

    See also Jane Bowles and Paul Bowles

Note: Husband of Jane Bowles

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