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Works by
Philana Marie Boles

  • Blame It on Eve (2002)
    Shawni Baldwin has everything she has ever closed her eyes and wished for. She can wrap her arms around a devoted and very sexy fiancé, Bo Delaney, an entertainment attorney. She is living a glamorous life as a successful, jet-setting fashion model. But now, much to the dismay of her mother, Shawni has decided not to sign her next modeling contract. For beyond the pop of the flash bulb, beneath the glitzy trappings of fame and fortune, Shawni feels like just another empty doll on the runway.

    So Shawni starts a new career as an independent beauty and fashion consultant.  But before long a client -- a band of gorgeous crooners known as The Gentlemen -- challenges her in ways she never would have imagined.  One of the singers in particular defines sensuality and knocks her feelings of fidelity off balance.  Suddenly there is a wedge between Shawni and her groom-to-be -- and the estrangement turns a woman's confidence into uncertainty.  As her life spirals out of control, Shawni begins to wonder: Does her sense of self, her happiness, her very existence, depend on a man?

    By turns probing and funny, searing and sweet, Blame It on Eve follows the ups and downs of a bold new heroine as she navigates brave new emotional terrains of the heart and soul.  it's an engaging novel about independence, sisterhood, and finding the strength to be true to oneself.  If you don't like that truth, well ... Blame It on Eve!

  • In the Paint (2005)
    With her sophomore effort, Boles delivers an irresistible, sexy tale of love, art, and basketball set in present-day Detroit.

    Detroit art gallery assistant Danni Blair is frustrated. Her NBA Detroit Piston boyfriend has been acting shady, she and her best friend end up arguing more than laughing, and her job has been filled with endless drudgery and incompetent co-workers.

    When her world suddenly shifts in every way imaginable--her cheating boyfriend breaks up with her and she's fired from her job--Danni goes on an emotional journey that she hopes will reunite her with a love of her life, bring peace to her tumultuous childhood, and reconnect her with her passion for painting.
    o  This novel is set in the world of Detroit's contemporary fine art world combined with the world of the NBA. It's a story of romance and sisterhood.

  • Little Divas (2005)
    The "good" girl

    Cassidy has let her parents, her strong-willed cousin and best friend, Rikki, and cruel classmates push her around long enough. Before school starts, she WILL become independent.

    The "bad" girl

    Rikki also wants independence, mostly from her preacher father and perfect older sister. But secretly she doesn't mind having her goody-goody cousin around to keep her in line. Without Cassidy, it would be easy to go too far.

    The "new" girl

    Golden is new to town, and she's got all the freedom she wants. What she needs is a parent to actually listen to her. But at least she has some new friends to help her deal.

    For all three girls, life is changing fast. If they're going to make it to seventh grade, they'd better summon their inner divas -- because sometimes having a little attitude and a little respect for yourself is the only way to get what you want.

    In Little Divas, Philana Marie Boles delivers a sassy, spirited tale of loyalty, family, and friendship.

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