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General Community:

Beat Generation

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Writers Who Write About the Beat Generation

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First Wave
Core Group (New York City, Columbia University and neighborhood))
Allen Ginsberg
Jack Kerouac
Neal Cassady
William S. Burroughs

Other New York City
Gregory Corso (Greenwich Village)
Herbert Huncke (Times Square)

San Francisco, CA
Gary Snyder
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Lew Welch
Michael McClure
Philip Whalen

Second Wave
Anne Waldman
Bob Kaufman
Diane DiPrima
Ed Sanders
Ray Bremser
Ted Jones
Others Influenced by Beat Writers

Amiri Baraka
Charles Bukowski
Charles Plymell
Gwendolyn Brooks
Harold Norse
Herschel Silverman
Jack Micheline
Janine Pommy-Vega
Jim Carroll
Ken Kesey
Kirby Doyle

Marty Matz
Maya Angelou
Nikki Giovanni

Peter Orlovsky
Ron Whitehead
Saul Williams
Terry Southern
Thomas Pynchon
Tom Robbins
Tom Wolfe
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Websites Related to the Beat Generation

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